Talk To The Paw Dog T-Shirt


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This fabulous tee will make any diva of a dog glam! With diamante detailing for extra sparkle!
Available in black, baby pink or baby blue.
Available in sizes XSmall - Superdog 2

Puchi Petwear’s popular dog t-shirts are famous with many a celebrity! Sharon Osbourne, Jordon, Colleen to name but a few! Our tees are hand finished in-house.
The cotton and lycra dog t-shirts are hand washable. They fit snug on your dog and protects the tummy.

Size guide:

Small Chest: 15.5''
Length: 8"
Breed Guidelines: Toy
X Small Chest: 12''
Length: 8''
Breed Guidelines: Toy
Medium Chest: 18''
Length: 10"
Breed Guidelines: Yorkie/
Large Chest: 22''
Length: 12"
Breed Guidelines: Minature
X Large Chest: 25''
Length: 14"
Breed Guidelines: Cocker
XX Large Chest: 26''
Length: 16"
Breed Guidelines: Border
Superdog Chest: 28''
Length: 21"
Breed Guidelines: Labrador
Superdog 1 Chest: 30''
Length: 27"
Breed Guidelines: German
Superdog 2 Chest: 34''
Length: 29"
Breed Guidelines: Bull


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