Scary Skull Dog Hoodie


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NEW scary yet stylish Hoodie for your dog.

Available in Pink or Black.

Available sizes and guide:

Small Chest: 15.5''(39.5cm)
Length: 9.5''(24cm)
Breed Guidelines: Toy
Medium Chest: 18''(45.5cm)
Length: 12''(30.5cm)
Breed Guidelines: Yorkshire
Large Chest: 22''(56cm)
Length: 14''(35.5cm)
Breed Guidelines: Bichon
X Large Chest: 25''(63.5cm)
Length: 16''(41cm)
Breed Guidelines: Cocker
XX Large Chest: 28''(71cm)
Length: 18.5''(47cm)
Breed Guidelines: Staffordshire
Superdog Chest: 30''(76cm)
Length: 20''(51cm)
Breed Guidelines: Boxer
Superdog 1 Chest: 31''(79cm)
Length: 22''(56cm)
Breed Guidelines: Labrador
Superdog 2 Chest: 34''(86cm)
Length: 25''(63.5cm)
Breed Guidelines: Great


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