Plain Dog Hoodie in Chelsea Blue


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Keep your dog warm, cosy and trendy in this Blue Hoodie.

These soft cosy hoodies are also available in Baby Pink and Black and carry the embroidered famed Puchi Logo and flag on the chest to encapsulate the famous Puchi brand.

Sizes range from Small to Superdog 2.

Usually dispatched within 3 working days.

Size Guide

Small Chest: 15.5''(24cm(39.5cm)
Length: 9.5''(24cm)
Breed Guidelines: Toy
Medium Chest: 18''(45.5cm)
Length: 12''(30.5cm)
Breed Guidelines: Yorkshire
Large Chest: 22''(56cm)
Length: 14''(35.5cm)
Breed Guidelines: Bichon
X Large Chest: 25''(63.5cm)
Length: 16''(41cm)
Breed Guidelines: Cocker
XX Large Chest: 28''(71cm)
Length: 18.5''(47cm)
Breed Guidelines: Staffordshire
Superdog Chest: 30''(76cm)
Length: 20''(51cm)
Breed Guidelines: Boxer
Superdog 1 Chest: 31''(79cm)
Length: 22''(56cm)
Breed Guidelines: Labrador
Superdog 2 Chest: 34''(86cm)
Length: 25''(63.5cm)
Breed Guidelines: Great


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