Personalised Dog Hoodie – Design Your Own Dog Hoody


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Create your own Hoodie for you pet. Have your own text on your clothing:


  1. Choose your Hoodie Color

We do: Pink, Red, Black and Blue hoodie's.

  1. Choose your Hoodie Size

Using the size guide on this page, let us know what size you want your Hoodie.

Small Chest: 15.5''(39cm)
Length: 9''23cm)
Breed Guidelines: Toy
Medium Chest: 18''(45.5cm)
Length: 12''(30.5cm)
Breed Guidelines: Yorkshire
Large Chest: 22''(56cm)
Length: 14''(35.5cm)
Breed Guidelines: Bichon
X Large Chest: 25''(63.5cm)
Length: 16''(41cm)
Breed Guidelines: Cocker
XX Large Chest: 28''(71cm)
Length: 18.5''(47cm)
Breed Guidelines: Staffordshire
Superdog Chest: 30''(76cm)
Length: 20''(51cm)
Breed Guidelines: Boxer
Superdog 1 Chest: 31''(79cm)
Length: 22''(56cm)
Breed Guidelines: Labrador
  1. Choose a font

We have a range of font that we can use to create your text

  1. Choose your text

Choose up to three lines of text for your Hoodie. Please remember that if you have a long name, on a small shirt we will have to make the text small to fit on the product.



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