How to Remove Track Spikes

How to Remove Track Spikes

Track spikes make the feet of competing athletes lighter while providing adequate traction. While athletic shoe spikes are easy to remove, you may encounter one or two spikes that have undergone excessive wear and, removing them can become complicated. Fortunately, there are ways to remove worn track spikes.

Preventing Problems With Spikes

Don’t put them in a tumble drier or washing machine. You risk damaging the spike housings or plates when you wash your spikes in your washing machine. Also, the heat in the tumble drier will damage the spikes.

Try to remove the grass and mud caught on the spikes after using your spikes on cross country or grass tracks before putting them in your bag. This will keep them dry and decrease the chances of rusty spikes.

Clean spikes with hand using warm soapy water. It’s okay to brush the spike plate using warm soapy water. To dry them, keep the spikes under a radiator or another semi-warm spot.

You need to regularly remove the spikes even if you’re not changing them. If you leave spikes too long without removing them, you run the risk of letting them get rusted.

Use WD40 or Vaseline on the track spike threads if your spikes are stiff to screw in. Doing this will make removing the track spikes easier and keep the threads working smoothly.

How To Remove Track Spikes

Need help removing track spikes? Try these methods, and we hope one will work its magic:

Method One

Saturate the edge of the spike using a store-bought silicone spray, and let the shoe stay in an upside-down position for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Don’t try to remove the spike if the 5 minutes haven’t elapsed. This method is easy to remove track spikes that won’t turn using traditional means.

Method Two

Using a small hammer or a wrench, tap on the side of the spike until some movement starts to take place. Continue tapping until the spike starts separating from the shoe. You can use a silicone spray to penetrate the spike.

Method Three

Get a pair of needle-nose pliers and hold the sides of the spike. Start to turn the spike in a counterclockwise motion with a gentle pulling action until the spike starts to come out. Using this method, you can remove deeply embedded track spikes.

Stress-Free Spike Removal

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How to Remove Track Spikes